What is the TECseries?

The series is a combination of matches, located throughout the country, that emphasizes realistic shooting scenarios in a team format. Shooters must work together to negotiate each stage with little to no planning before time starts.

Who competes?

People from all walks of life are shooting these matches. Hunters, law enforcement personnel, and pro-shooters alike are all doing it. Unlike many other matches, everyone is put on the same level playing field designed to test the beginner as well as the professional.


Match Locations


March 20-22, 2020

Valdina Ranch

Hondo, TX

"12Hundo in Hondo"

Our flagship match, Texas offers some moderate terrain and covers 7 miles with

10-12 stages.

More to Come

Interested in holding a match at your location?  Contact us to discuss details.


Rules, Scoring & Generic Gear List

The series rules are very straight forward. Safety being paramount, these rules are in place to ensure that everyone is both safe and has a great experience.  The general rules for the series can be found in the PDF below.

Scoring is slightly different than any other match. We believe in rewarding teams for their hits and penalizing for misses.  While this is a deviation from the norm, it's purpose is to force the shooter to understand where his/her weaknesses are - motivating them to improve their skills and return next year making improvements.  (The jist:  add the total number of points earned to the negative total possible points. A score of 0 means you hit 50%)  See the PDF below to read more.

Generic Gear List

This is a generic list of suggested gear needed for every match. Obviously, this is subjective to your team's individual needs and weather plays a factor that we can't control. Every registered team will get a more detailed list 2-3 weeks prior to the match dates.

  • One bolt gun + 65 (minimum) rounds

  • One AR-15 + 65 (minimum) rounds

  • 2 mags per rifle (minimum)

  • Rifle optics with ranging reticle (no electronic range finding equipment is allowed - no exceptions)

  • Bipods

  • Tripod/Shooting sticks - at least one that works for both rifles

  • 8x bino's and/or spotting scope

  • Pack to carry all gear, accessories

  • Hydration system (recommend at least 2qts/2L)

  • Boots for overland hiking - some terrain is rocky so support is good

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellant

  • Eye & ear protection (must be worn while competing, no exceptions)

  • Clothing appropriate for rough terrain. Plan for big swings in temps and possible rain - WE WILL SHOOT IN THE RAIN.


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