Team Endurance Challenge Matches

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The TECseries is the country's best team-style field match.  Launched in the spring of 2019, it set the precedent for all other field matches. 

Teams consist of two shooters, one with an AR-15 platform carbine & the other with a bolt gun.  You'll move through an overland course, typically 5-7 miles long, and engage targets through 10 stages at unknown distances.

Each stage is set up to replicate real-world scenarios that most hunters and rural military operations experience. They're set up with a defined area but we don't tell you where to shoot from or what you'll need to do it. You'll have to figure that out on your own, under the pressure of the clock.

These matchese are by far the most fun team matches I've shot. The course design & atmosphere was second to none.

Josh Reeves, Team Leupold


Tel: 601-724-0016


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